Testimonials from the HR Pro Conference.

It was another great conference!  It was so nice to see you and the team J.   I’m really trying hard to practice using my “I” and “You” appropriately (not easy…lol).  Thank you, Jen

-Jennifer Lambert - McCrometer

Thank you for providing a very affordable program that is excellent quality.

-Leslie Boudreau, Animal Hospital of Huntington Beach

I can't wait to attend the next one.

-Andrea Crabtree​ - Fur Paws Consulting

The conference was very organized.  I enjoyed the presenters and all presented information that was new to me.  Very educational.  Great audio and powerpoint presentation.

-Wanda Hudson - Los Angeles City Attorney

Loved the setting.  Great topics.  It was a good program.  Would have liked to see more on Benefits and Payroll.

-Rosa Rivera​ - Cintas

Overall content was informative and subject matter experts were engaging.  More connectivity relative to career planning and employment opportunities needed.  Good use of time and the overall flow of the program made for a positive training experience.

-Cydna Turner​ - Prisma Color, Inc

JUN 3, 2020


Growing your knowledge, skills and expertise in Human Resources.

The strengths of the program were the presenter's knowledge of their content and communication very understandable.  

-Karen Towery​ - Pedder Auto Group

Great speakers.  Great Caesar salad  Thanks so much for putting this event on and inviting me.

-Michael Moorman - in transition

Interactive and topics we all can relate to or experience in the workplace.

-Annabelle Gutierrez - RSP & Associates

Lot's of room.  Speakers/topics.  Friendly environment.  Interactive. Awesome vendors. Organized. The best local conference.  I love the passport idea.  Raffles. Bargain for the price.

-Jenny Wong​ - University of Phoenix

I learned so much from this conference.  Would recommend it to others.

-Monica Nguyen​ - US Milk Nutrition, Inc